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Okay, so I’m here. Shall we, uh, get this started? It sounds like you mean “shall we get this finished?” No, no! I am here. Let’s do this.

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Do you ever get jealous of someone who interacts really well with a really close friend of yours, not because you have a crush on your friend or anything but because you’re jealous of how much you pale in comparison to them when you see how much of a better friend they are to the one you’re close to?

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the accuracy though

Police crime = justified, proportional response

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Eliot + places

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Night Vale Inspires, Series 7: Rebellion.

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I have tears in my eyes.

Like I don’t even think you guys understand the magnitude of this tweet. The sheer humanity of this, they are dying over there. No they are being SLAUGHTERED but they have the ability to still think to help people they have never met, people they will never meet. They understand what the people in Ferguson are going through, they see it because they are going through it too.


whenever i need a laugh i remember that if he hadn’t died james potter would have been dudley’s uncle. Picture James interacting with dudley. just do it, picture the scene

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